MINDSET aims to raise awareness and destigmatise mental illness, while at the same time, provide practical support to individuals, families and charitable initiatives in the mental health sector. Through a range of programmes, MINDSET raises funds and promotes community understanding, as well as carries out social enterprise, job training and placement initiatives, with the aim of reintegrating mental health clients back into the workforce and community.

In 2016, the MINDSET Learning Hub was launched. The hub is Singapore’s first and only job training and placement centre that provides the nationally accredited Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) trainings to persons with mental health issues.

MINDSET won the ‘Charity Governance Award’ in the Small Charities category, conferred by Singapore’s Charity Council as well as the ‘Charity Transparency Award’ for three consecutive years, conferred by Singapore’s Charity Council.

Jardines named “Champion of Good” by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre for efforts in leading the way in corporate giving.

Learn more about MINDSET and its contribution to the mental health sector in Singapore here.

At Jardines, we aim to make a tangible difference to an area that is often neglected with our collective effort, people and resources across our group companies. MINDSET activities and initiatives are driven by ‘Jardine Ambassadors’, who are staff volunteers committed to a two-year tenure to implement initiatives and activities related to mental health.

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